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Business Credit Solutions That Empower in Real Estate Professionals


KAB Business Credit Services offers you a wide range of innovative techniques that build a healthy business credit score, accelerating the growth of your real estate company!

Start Building Your Business Credit Today!

Are You Using Your Personal Credit to Fund Your Business?

As a real estate professional, you need everything from vehicle financing to an office to credit cards in order to manage your business expenses. However, most real estate professionals instinctively put their personal SSN on credit applications, meaning that they are personally responsible for the credit tied to their business.

That means that if your business experiences any issues,your individual credit score can suffer. Not only will you face financial hardship for your business performance, but the impact on your personal credit score means you can miss out on mortgages, car loans and personal funding.

When you apply for business funding for your real estate business, you keep your personal credit score protected while opening up limitless potential to strategically fund your real estate venture!


The Power of Business Credit in Real Estate

Looking to grow your real estate business quickly, but don’t have the savings to fund it all yourself?

With KAB Business Credit Services, you receive access to an amazing amount of business credit sources that help you steadily grow your company. Receive business funding, high limit credit with major retailers, vehicle financing, gas cards and more.

No more worrying about how you will have the funds for your office, your car, marketing materials and anything else required to become the next real estate success story!

The best part? They areall linked to your EIN rather than your SSN, meaning that you are not personally liable for any credit issues that arise with your business funding.

Business Credit for All Real Estate Professionals

Whether you are an established real estate professionalor are just starting out in the industry, KAB Business Credit Services is able to help you discover the perfect solutions for your individual needs.

Everybody can build their business credit, even if they:

  • Have no experience in real estate
  • Have a poor personal credit rating
  • Do not have any savings or secure investments

That’s right! Just give our business funding specialists a call today no matter where in the real estate industry you fall and we will be happy to start building your business credit!


Business Financing to Build or Grow Your Real Estate Business
We get you the capital you need to fund, grow and expand your real estate venture!

Business Lines of Credit

Have you thought about a loan for your business, but don’t want to be tied into monthly payments and interest rates for something you may not need all the time?

Then a business line of credit could be perfect for your real estate business.

You can borrow up to a certain amount at any time. You only pay interest if you carry a balance, giving you the flexibility you need to fund your company.


Hard Money Loans

If you need a short-term loan for your real estate business and have assets to put up as collateral, hard money loans get you the funds, quickly!

With access to a network of private investors, you can receive the cash flow that powers your business in just days.

Unsecured High Limited Credit Cards

0% interest business credit cards with a $150,000 limit that require NO income verification.

Sound too good to be true? KAB is able to get you the best credit card opportunities for your business, so you can expand without having to go through a lengthy funding process.


Revenue Financing

We match you with investors that can give your real estate business the capital injection it needs to grow in exchange for a small percentage of ongoing revenue.

A fast, easy solution to getting the funds you need to scale your business, all you need to do is show your monthly revenue to get funding!

What Business Credit Can do for Your Business

  • Real estate professionals have a diverse set of needs.
  • Building business credit can help you manage them easily.

High Limit Credit Cards

From Mastercards to Visas, we give you access to a wide range of credit cards that you can use for daily business expenses.

Vehicle Financing in Your Company Name

From meeting with clients to discovering new properties, you need a vehicle for work.

We help you get vehicle financing under your business, reducing costs and protecting your personal credit score.


Business Gas Cards

Offset the cost of travel in your company vehicle with gas cards that reduce expenses and offer you a wide range of reward benefits.



High Limit Credit with Home Depot, Lowes and More

By building your business credit, you can receive the high limit credit from major retailers that provide you with the materials you need to take any real estate venture to the next level.


Credit with Office Goods

Receive credit accounts with Office Depot, Staples and even technology providers, giving you the administrative tools to power your company.


The Most Effective Business Credit Building Solution

We use cutting-edge technology to build your business credit rapidly, getting you the funding and resources you need in the shortest time possible.

Our dynamic business finance suite expertly grow business credit for real estate professionals by using a variety of proven methods, including:

  • 411 Credibility Listings
  • EIN and Entity Setup
  • Business Name Credibility Check
  • Business Address Credibility Check
  • Business Phone Credibility Check
  • Website and Email Credibility Check
  • Business Bank Account Setup Assistance

Introducing the Business Finance Suite

Why Choose KAB for Your Business Credit Needs?

We help each one of our clients by using innovative business credit building methods, while educating them on the business credit landscape.

Business Credit for Your EIN

No personal guarantees. No using your personal SSN.
We get you business credit based solely on your business.

High Limit Revolving Credit

Get up to $150,000 in revolving business credit without having to undergo a personal credit check.

Innovative Funding Solutions

We get you the funds your business needs, even if you lack the cash flow, credit history or collateral to secure a traditional loan.

Business Credit Monitoring

We constantly monitor Experian and D&B scores to ensure you have the highest business credit score possible.


Business Credit Education

Learn everything about business credit, so you understand how to maintain a healthy score and secure more funds for the future!


The Business Credit Builder Custom Business Credit Strategies Just for You

Each real estate professional is unique.

That is why we offer well-balanced, personalized business credit services that work to achieve YOUR specific goals!

Use our incredible Business Credit Builder to:

  • Learn the most effective ways to build your business credit and instantly put them into action!
  • Identify the best business credit building strategies for your individual needs.
  • Use multiple techniques to build your business credit, getting you the funding and benefits that power your business as quickly as possible.
  • Navigate the entire business credit building process with a step-by-step guide designed for every entrepreneur and small business owner!
  • Set up your business credit building processes and let them run on autopilot.
  • Learn the biggest mistakes about business credit and how to avoid them.
  • Strategically use the funds that you receive to scale and expand your business at a rapid pace.
  • Take advantage of the amazing network of business credit partners that provide you with a wide range of innovative solutions that can transform your business.


Brett B Russell Indianapolis IN

My personal credit is not that good. After getting turned down at multiple banks, because of my personal
credit, I signed up with the business credit program so I could start building my business credit. It took
longer than I wanted. I wanted everything to happen right away. After the six months coaching program, I
made some really good progress. I obtained about $10,000 so far. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Harold B Malley Dublin OH

When I first signed up for the business credit program, I was a little nervous, just because I had no business experience. I just finished filing for bankruptcy after an expensive divorce case. It takes longer to build good business credit, if you have bad personal credit. It is still very possible. Luckily I was not desperate for
the start up money, and I was able to patiently build my company’s business credit. And eventually obtain money to start my company.

Patricia M Guerra Niagara Falls NY

I signed up with the credit building program, in order to start a company, after I had lost my job of thirteen years. At the time, my personal credit really was not in good shape. I appreciated them letting me know, that with bad personal credit, I could still build my business credit and take advantage of business credit features. It would just take me longer since my personal credit was not good at the time. Since then, I have been able to build good business credit, and obtain some financing as well as working on repairing my personal credit. Which has really helped me obtain credit under the business credit. Thank you for your
help. I would not have been able to do it without you.

Steven M Trigg Norcross GA

I figured I had business credit since I been in business almost ten years now. After going through your program, I found out I did not have any history at all. After your help, I was able to start building my credit and because of my existing business, was able to obtain something really fast.

Discover Why Real Estate Professions Love KAB

We have worked with real estate professionals across the US to deliver the business credit building that creates a successful business, in the short and long-term!

Incredible Value. Life-Changing Results
Receive Instant Access to our

As a real estate professional, you understand how important it is to make the right investments at the right time.

There is no better investment in your business than building your business credit.

Not only does building a healthy business credit profile offer you instant access to premium business funding solutions that help grow your business, high limit credit accounts with Visa, Mastercard and major retailers, but it helps save you money!

By developing the best business credit profile possible, you become an attractive person to lend to. This means that you get amazingly low interest rates, even 0% financing on vehicles, credit cards and more!

The result? Saving thousands of dollars per year on the interest that you would be paying if you qualified through your personal credit. Plus, since the accounts are all linked to your EIN rather than your SSN, you keep yourself protected.

Invest in our Business Credit Builder Today

For Just $2,597.00*

* Limited Time Exclusive Offer. Regular Price: $3,997.00. For a Limited Time Only.

Lifetime access to the most powerful business credit tool available

Save thousands of dollars per year by reducing your interest rates

Access the funds that power your real estate ventures

Save $1,400 off the regular retail price when you buy today

Exclusive Bonus Resources to Build Business Credit

At KAB Business Credit Services, we are truly dedicated to helping our clients build their real estate business into a massive success.
That is why we are offering several bonus resources when you order your Business Credit Builder today!


Copy of my ‘Blueprint to Building Business Credit’ Book

(Valued at $15)

This guide offers you the knowledge, insights and inspiration to take action through every step of the business credit building process!
By breaking business credit down into easy-to-follow steps, you have all the information needed to steadily build a healthy business credit profile.



Access to the KAB Finance Department

(Valued at $5,000)

When you have questions or need advice about how to strategically build business credit that works for YOUR real estate business, then we are here to assist you!
Receive full access to our Business Credit Specialists, allowing you to get the expert guidance from the team that has helped hundreds of real estate professionals just like you build their business credit.


Business Credit Coaching

(Valued at $2,000.00)

We don’t just help you build your business credit, we educate you!
Receive a wide range of business credit coaching services from our credit advisors throughout the entire credit building process.
Between our revolutionary Credit Building Platform and our experts right there to assist you, the results you receive will be astounding!


$300 Hotel Savings Card

(Valued at $300)

As a special ‘Thank You’ for becoming part of the KAB Business Credit services family, we are providing you with a Hotel Savings ‘Cash Credits’ card that lets you enjoy your next hotelstay, car rental or tourist attractions.
With over 1,000,000 hotel partners around the world including Hilton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Holiday Inn and the biggest names in car rentals worldwide, your next trip is on us!

The KAB Guarantee

Try our Business Credit Builder for 30.
If you don’t see results, we will give you a full refund.

We are so confident that our innovative Business Credit Builder tool will offer you incredible results in building your credit, receiving business funding and access high limit credit for your business, that we are backing it with a 30 day money-back guarantee! 

If you are unsatisfied with the program during the first month of using it, just let us know and we will offer you a full refund, no questions asked!


Get Started on Building Your Business Credit Now

Every day that go without building your business credit, you are missing out on extraordinary opportunities to fund, grow and scale your real estate business!

Reaching the top of the real estate industry comes with taking action.
Make the decision to build business credit, access financing, lower interest rates and become the best real estate professional you can be with the Business Credit Builder.



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  • And within minutes of processing your order, you’ll have the program to build business credit fast.

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I know when you use what you’ll discover inside, you’ll be getting business credit no time...
I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

Regina Buckley

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