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Is something is wrong with your QuickBooks? I bet you know which balances are not correct or the reports that are not accurate but you may not know why or you may not know how to fix them.

Here are a few of the telltale signs here we can likely save you time, money, and headaches...

If you have account balances or financial statements that don’t make sense.

If your CPA or tax preparer says your file needs to be cleaned up before they can do your taxes, and you don’t know what to do.

If your bookkeeping is taking you longer than you think it should.

  • You’re not alone if you’re having QuickBooks challenges.
  •  These days, understanding how to best use QuickBooks has grown into its own set of skills apart from traditional bookkeeping experience.
  • We’ve gathered our QuickBooks knowledge across multiple years, multiple versions, multiple companies, and multiple industries.
Some of the ways we can help you make the most out of your QuickBooks software, include:
  1. Correct and modifying list items (chart of accounts, customers, vendors, items) for optimum use of the software.  Customized to your industry needs.
  2. Provide suggestions for improved use of QuickBooks software.
  3. Recommend any needed changes in office procedures to maximize productivity and efficiency.
  4. Discuss your current internal controls to safeguard company assets.
  5. If desired, the tune-up will connect your QuickBooks bank and credit card accounts to your bank’s website to download transactions. We can show you how to best utilize these terrific features.
  6. Customize QuickBooks forms for a professional business look.
  7. Set up the bank reconciliation feature for a smooth end of month close.
  8. Clean up reports, transaction errors and other problem areas within QuickBooks and QuickBooks payroll.  We work through each balance sheet account and identify problematic areas and demonstrate and train on solutions, including:
    • Cleaning up uncleared bank transactions.
    • Cleaning up the A/R aging summary.
    • Cleaning up inventory, the stock status, and inventory valuation reports.
    • Cleaning up the A/P aging summary.
    • Cleaning up liability balances.
    • Cleaning up opening balance equity.
    • Cleaning up YTD P&L.

For many small businesses, we only need 1.5 – 4.0 hours to get your QuickBooks back on track, reduce your time spent on data entry and increase access to important management reports.

Our clients say

We have over twenty one years of experience with  quickbooks.

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