10 Money Saving Tips for Businesses - Regina Buckley

10 Cost Saving Ideas

By Regina Buckley

With an economy that’s struggling, every small business owner is looking for ways to increase profits, save money and improve. The good news is there are plenty of ideas that you can find in books and articles. But rather than cover the obvious ones, in today’s tough economy you need new and creative ways to save

10 Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Consider doing the following ten cost saving ideas for your small business.

About Regina

When you hear the name Regina Garvin-Buckley, many titles may come to mind. She’s a Wife, Mother, Sister, daughter, Aunt, Professional Accountant, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Credit Score Improvement Specialist, and a Business Credit Coach. But one undeniable title that she holds across the many hats that she wears is passionate. Regina is passionate about helping people and businesses reach, and even surpass, their financial goals. And she never wastes an opportunity to use her creativity in that realm. Her brilliant intuition and professional insight equips her to be a sound consultant, offering principles and well-validated techniques that produce amazing results. 

It was such a pleasure to read, that I couldn't wait and started reading it all over again. The examples in the middle of the guide really blew my mind.
Emerson Palmer
Small business owner
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